VAST is an holistic learning framework

VAST is focused on the Values, Attitudes, Skills and Teachings for developing the capacity in all learners to achieve future success.


We are rooted in the fertile soil that is our community and the values it amplifies.


Positive and productive attitudes lead to positive and productive behaviours.


These positive skills, when routines, become habits to improve learning and living.


Established teachings of significance in developing an ‘educated’ mind.

Thinking Frames

Expand your teaching to be more expansive, critical and creative using these frameworks for your teaching toolbelt.

Three Stage Day

How to incorporate a three-stage day based on: Inquiry, Proficiency, Experiential.

The Super Six

Purposefully plan lessons and experiences based on six keys for holistic learning.

The Cognito Lens

An easy-to-integrate framework for teaching critical and creative thinking skills.

10 Minute Content Focus

A brain-based focus on effective transfer of information.