Teaching history is fundamental to all areas of learning. History is a review of wisdom (framed in time) involving humanity’s past progress and interactions; technological and communication advancement; cultural and political context based on civilization and society; etymology and evolution of language, and the origins of meaning. History allows us to make future judgments more positively by being aware of past successes and mistakes.

History should be embedded in everything that is taught because it forms the basis of critical thinking. The Cognito Lens is a framework that allows teachers to model the importance of history in a framework that can be applied to all lessons. Simply put, when studying anything we should frame our contemplation around first the etymology of the term/label being studied. Next we should look to see how the historical context of the item we are studying – to see how it has evolved and developed over time. By having this historical reflection we build a rich narrative that fertilisers curiosity and interest. Students start to see learning concepts in a broader, more meaningful context.
Neurologically, History promotes reflection and contemplation: the “What Was” mind… thinking of the past develops moderation, self-control and mindfulness.
A must for any history focus is  a review of The Big History ProjectTopics Include…

What is big history? The Big Bang. Stars and Elements. Our Solar System and Earth. Life. Early Humans. Agriculture and Civilisation. Expansion and Interconnection. Acceleration. The Future.