Positive and productive social connections are vital in successful learning environments – these are between students/students; students/teachers; teachers/parents; and parents/parents. Our networks are vital for linking us with a broad community to access greater diversity, more links, and cultural intelligence. Our focus should be on maximising our UI – United Interest.

Relationships are also fundamental for learning.  John Hattie’s work highlights the importance with an effect size of 0.72, making it the 11th best impact on learning growth.  High-quality teacher-student relationships are a key factor in determining student engagement (Fredricks, 2014).

Positive, productive relationships are not merely ‘friendships’ – positive relationships stretch us, challenge us, assert views not aligned with our own, and are nurtured via trust and respect.

Positive Relationships open up the opportunity to discuss secondary key values:

  • integrity
  • honesty
  • trust

And this expands into a discussion on leadership.  What is leadership?  What are different types of leadership?

Link this discussion with Service Leadership – and the quest can lead to a deeper understanding of followership.

Useful resources for this stream of consciousness are here:

The First Follower video