Organisation is a fundamental element of becoming an independent learner – and that is what we are endeavouring to develop. High capacity students will be those who have their homework in on time, organise their time, remember notes, have a tidy desk, bring home their hats, etc.. Lower capacity learners can be noted by those who write in a messy fashion, don’t add a date or rule a margin, lose possessions.  Such learners might be very creative and intuitive – and that is a heightened capacity whereby the mind has compensated.
However, we are rating these inadequacies only when disorganisation becomes detrimental to LEARNING.
Being organised is all about being disciplined.  It is about using tools and strategies to maximise our performance and lift our sense of being in control.  When we feel out of control, we feel stressed – and stressed brains do not learn.
Time Management and Goal Setting.
One simple habit is informing learners that being on time is late – to be early for an interview or task is best.
Setting goals is critical for success – as highlighted by the finding that those who write down goals are ten times more successful.
We need do explicitly understand and implement strategies such as Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Planning is about being well-prepared.  We need to be organised so we can maximise our potential, our time and the resources at our disposal.