Mathematics is a language.  It allows us to think in a different way – to find solutions, to learn to think about thinking skills, to see routines as patterns, to decipher concepts and apply these to new situations, and in so doing to develop new skills. Mathematical thinking gives us clarity via reasoning.  It induces abstract thought.

Mathematics as a discipline allows us to see beauty and elegance in the things around us.  It has a rich history and can be found in architecture, in art, in nature and in music. It has a cultural slant.
Maths helps us to understand technological changes by giving us a language of calculation and hypothesis.  We can use formulae to discover and numerals to factor.  We find proportion, repetitions, reflection, capacity and force.  We measure and value.  Mathematics makes us all explorers, seeking answers that enrich and challenge our lives.
Mathematics should also focus on financial literacy.