Values: the new 3Rs

We are rooted in the fertile soil that is our community and the opportunities it presents.  Our Country, our community and our schooling should expand our capacities.  For this to occur we must ensure we have positive role-models and experiences that guide, challenge and support our personal needs.  The basic need is to develop a sense of belonging so learners become valued members of our diverse culture.
It is vital a community nourishes a sense of belonging to encourage a strong sense of identity.  Feeling part of a group grows the confidence to be individual and connected.




To thrive, a community needs key values – what I term the new3Rs.  Today’s learner needs to know more than information – s/he needs to know how to thrive.  Too often we ‘expect’ the learner to ‘know’ what we value explicitly.  We preach but we don’t truly guide.  For learners to understand our values, it is imperative we define them clearly and embed them thoughtfully in our practices.  Our aim should be to develop positive attitudes. To promote a compelling desire to blossom as a life-long learner with a service oriented kindness.

The Values are a collective agreement, an acceptance, about what is important in a learning community. The new 3Rs become like a moral compass bearing: directing us in our decisions. Every member of a community has the responsibility to role-model and support every Value collectively to promote harmony.