The Cognito Lens – critical and creative thinking frame

Using a framework, such as the Cognito Lens, nurtures critical and creative thinking skills.

CognitoLensEtymology – defining the word, classifying  the etymology of the word so there is a rich narrative and wonder is stoked.

History – Interpret and review how the item/concept evolved over time, explaining the technological developments in manufacturing and design.

Individual/Constituents – contemplating the item/concept singularly and analysing its parts/molecules.

Collective/Relationships – critiquing the item as one of a number; reflecting on its role as part of a network, analyse the form/function contrast, analyse the logistics (transportation, storage, packaging, handling).

ProjectionAdvancement: contemplate how the item/concept will continue to evolve positively to benefit kind humans. Positive focus.

Consequences – Future Impact: evaluate the item/concept’s future impact based on its past, and reason on the risks associated with careless advancement – sustainability.